Asphalt Paving

Pave Your Parking Lot with Pavecon

Our Pavecon Arizona team is a top paving company in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a variety of asphalt and concrete services. These services include asphalt overlays, rip out and replace, and new installation. We provide these services to clients ranging from strip mall shopping centers to school parking lots. If you need asphalt paving in Arizona, Pavecon is the company for you.

Pavecon Phoenix provides complete blacktop paving services, including:

Asphalt Overlay

Pavement overlays are extremely effective for restoring your parking lot or road. The current surface receives a fresh layer of bituminous paving. This process revitalizes the pavement surface for years to come. The overlay addresses only surface damage to your pavement.

Rip Out/Replace

A rip out and replace paving job fixes more severely damaged asphalt. Removal and clearing of the old surface is the first step. Followed by installing new base layers with proper compaction.  To finish we pave a new asphalt layer then apply the pavement markings. The new base will help to keep the surface layer in great shape over time. In comparison, a rip out and replace job is more permanent than an asphalt overlay.

New Installation

Installing a new parking lot is the most intensive asphalt paving method. New installation requires planning, construction, and installation of a parking lot or road. Our crews work directly with you to make sure that your new asphalt parking lot or road fits your needs.

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